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Land and Timber Analysis

Southeastern Forestry uses our experience and technology tools to provide clients with land and timber analysis services.  We perform a wide variety of land, forest and timber appraisals and analysis of our clients' land investments. Knowing the value of the land you own and what assets comprise that value is a key to understanding the most effective way to manage your land.

Land and Timber Investment Appraisals

A field analysis of the timber on a tract of land gives us the information we need to be able to predict the growth volumes and values for the future. We use IRR, NPV and other financial indicators to calculate the present value of land. With this data we are able to give a value range. This helps us:

  • Educate clients about their timber assets
  • Decide what tracts to invest in
  • Conduct financial planning
  • Balance your land investment with your other financial goals
  • Conduct estate planning
  • Create and maintain a Cost Basis
Land Investment Appraisals

After an analysis has been done, we can conduct appraisals of your current land assets by estimating a combined value of land and timber.  This enables us to put an estimated dollar value on your overall investment.