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We have land for sale in South Carolina and surrounding states, and can list properties throughout the Southeast. In addition to listing properties that you want to sell, we can also find properties that meet your investment or recreational needs. We have the knowledge and forestry experience to represent your best interests. Click on any of the properties below to view all our properties for sale.

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Photo Type Tract Acres State County Price/Acre Total Price Status
Investment New Holland Lot18.19SC Aiken County$2,550.85$46,400.00 Sold
Recreational/Timberland New Holland55.23SC Aiken County$2,250.00$124,270.00 Sold
Recreational/Timberland Culler Road 91.1SC Calhoun County$5,850.00$532,935.00 Sold
Recreational Pacolet Preserve52.09SC Cherokee County$3,275.00$170,594.75 Sold
Residential Round Tree13.72SC Cherokee County$4,919.82$67,500.00 Sold
Residential Wildlife Bay Sub Division Lot 291.4SC Chester County$21,428.57$30,000.00 Sold
Recreational Gene Blackwell Parcel 48.2SC Chesterfield County$3,216.00$155,000.00 Sold
Recreational/Timberland Copeland McClure657.45SC Chesterfield County$2,720.00$1,788,488.00 Sold
Recreational/Timberland Lake Robinson Longleaf Farm724.56SC Chesterfield County$2,440.00$1,767,926.00 Sold
Recreational/Timberland Martintown Road138.81SC Edgefield County$1,425.00$197,804.25 Sold
Recreational Rambling Acres100SC Fairfield County$2,150.00$215,817.00 Sold
Recreational Old Cherokee49.93SC Fairfield County$2,850.00$142,300.00 Sold
Recreational Ashford Ferry17.6SC Fairfield County$3,150.00$65,000.00 Sold
Recreational/Timberland Mountain Gap Extension99SC Fairfield County$3,181.91$316,600.00 Sold
Recreational/Timberland Lake Swamp Farm45.3SC Florence County$4,955.85$224,500.00 New Listing
Recreational/Timberland MoonChips Farm61.16SC Greenwood County$2,690.00$164,520.40 Sold
Recreational/Timberland Horsepen Creek Property122.88SC Greenwood County$2,950.00$362,495.00 Sold
Recreational/Timberland Greenwood Mills Farm Road63.5SC Greenwood County$4,960.63$315,000.00 Sold
Investment Silver Oak Land Trust159.37SC Jasper County$5,019.77$800,000.00 Sold
Recreational/Timberland Sunny Hill Tract A & B456.7SC Kershaw County$2,950.00$1,347,265.00 Sold
Recreational Hall Tract143SC Kershaw County$1,852.00$264,598.00 Sold
Residential Cedar Cove74.17SC Kershaw County$5,500.00$407,935.00 New Listing
Recreational/Timberland Cedar Cove South37.5SC Kershaw County$5,500.00$206,250.00 New Listing
Recreational/Timberland Cedar Cove North36SC Kershaw County$5,500.00$198,000.00 New Listing
Recreational/Timberland Liberty Hill Mallard Tract206.5SC Lancaster County$2,850.00$588,525.00 Sold
Recreational Harold W. Sowell36.47SC Lancaster County$4,850.00$176,879.50 Sold
Swansea, Lexington County, South Carolina Farms and RanchesRecreational/Timberland Giles124SC Lexington County$2,350.00$291,400.00 Sold
Recreational/Timberland Bundrick 42.02SC Lexington County$117,656.00 Sold
Dillinger Road, Newberry County, South Carolina Timber Land For SaleTimberland Dillinger Road127.23SC Newberry County$2,354.00$299,499.42 Sold
Recreational Lake Greenwood Summerset Bay Tract192SC Newberry County$1,795.00$344,640.00 Sold
Recreational/Timberland Monument Road Retreat107.8SC Newberry County$3,950.00$425,810.00 Sold
Recreational/Timberland Westwood Farms131SC Newberry County$4,200.00$550,200.00 New Listing
Residential Whetstone Block18.89SC Orangeburg County$3,900.00$39,234.00 Sold
Residential Whetstone Block 223.02SC Orangeburg County$3,150.00$71,096.00 Sold
Recreational/Timberland Longleaf Pines 105.8SC Orangeburg County$2,550.00$269,790.00 Sold
Recreational/Timberland Old Eastover Road Mini Farm40.76SC Richland County$5,000.00$203,800.00 Sold
Recreational Congaree Hunting Retreat108.34SC Richland County$3,500.00$379,190.00 Sold
Recreational/Timberland Bravo Road71.5SC Saluda County$1,625.00$116,187.50 Sold
Recreational/Timberland Dry Creek Cattle Farm169.03SC Saluda County$5,028.69$850,000.00 Sold
Investment Cane Creek Tract92.14NC Union County$8,500.00$783,190.00 Sold
Union County, South Carolina Hunting Land for SaleRecreational/Timberland Webber Lake Farms197.4SC Union County$1,850.00$365,190.00 Sold
Recreational/Timberland Johnson Philippi\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Tract163SC Union County$2,968.00$475,000.00 Sold