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Forestry Services

One tree at a time, Southeastern Forestry provides forestry services that help clients make the most of their timberland investments. We specialize in forest management and real estate land sales, and use our years of experience to advise clients.

Southeastern Forestry has over 18 years experience delivering forestry services to a wide variety of clients with unique goals for their properties. We know how to ask you the right questions, analyze your acreage, and help you meet your land investment goals.

Read below to learn more about the forestry services we provide:

Forest Management Plans

How do you know where you are going if you don’t have a plan?

Forestry Management Plans are the foundation of sensible land investing. If you are a landowner who wants to make the most of your land investment, it is essential to define your goals for your land. Southeastern Forestry will work with you to create a plan of action for implementing the steps necessary to meet your land investment objectives. Land investments should be monitored and managed the same way financial investments are monitored and managed. Forest management plans should be reviewed yearly and adjusted as owner objectives evolve and as income is generated from the land.

What are some types of land investment goals?

Examples of investment goals for land could be monetary, recreational/wildlife, or aesthetic.

If your goal is to generate income from your land, you need to be aware of all the options for doing so. Timber harvesting can generate significant income if the trees on the land are managed properly. Knowing the optimal times to thin the timber is valuable knowledge - you need to stay on the right schedule for timber harvesting and planting. Additionally, you need to know what types of trees are best suited for the soil and the area.

If your goals are more centered around enhancing the wildlife population on your land, you need to manage the land according to what best supports the population growth of different species such as turkey, waterfowl, deer, dove, or quail.

If your goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing property with green pastures, a great road system through open understory forests, well-maintained ponds, far-reaching views, and other attractive qualities, you can create a land management plan centered around this type of tract development. All of these aesthetic improvements add to the overall value of the land.

Land and Timber Analysis

Southeastern Forestry uses our experience and technology tools to provide clients with land and timber analysis services.  We perform a wide variety of land, forest and timber appraisals and analysis of our clients' land investments. Knowing the value of the land you own and what assets comprise that value is a key to understanding the most effective way to manage your land.

Land and Timber Investment Appraisals

A field analysis of the timber on a tract of land gives us the information we need to be able to predict the growth volumes and values for the future. We use IRR, NPV and other financial indicators to calculate the present value of land. With this data we are able to give a value range. This helps us:

  • Educate clients about their timber assets
  • Decide what tracts to invest in
  • Conduct financial planning
  • Balance your land investment with your other financial goals
  • Conduct estate planning
  • Create and maintain a Cost Basis
Land Investment Appraisals

After an analysis has been done, we can conduct appraisals of your current land assets by estimating a combined value of land and timber.  This enables us to put an estimated dollar value on your overall investment.

Timber Appraisals

Our company provides valuations of timber and timberland as well as economic analyses of timber cash flows and net present values. Timber Appraisals are done in a variety of ways.

  • Timber Inventories
  • Comparable sales approach
  • Current market value

Timber Management

A complete timber management plan will maximize your overall timberland investment. We provide:

  • Reforestation including site prep and planting
  • Infrastructure development including roads and ditches
  • Young plantation release
  • Mid rotation release
  • Control burning
  • Selective harvesting
  • Hardwood management
  • Other services: Damage/Trespass Appraisals, Expert Witness

Wildlife Management

Southeastern Forestry understands the biological and forestry principles of wildlife management. We know how to create wildlife habitats that encourage population growth of desired wildlife species. We use scientific knowledge to target the population growth of species such as deer, turkey, dove, waterfowl, quail, and other species. Using our forest management plans that are tailored to your wildlife goals, we coordinate harvesting and reforestation efforts properly. We also ensure that the property’s road systems, ponds, food plots, and other topographic features are laid out in a way that is conducive to wildlife population growth. Specific wildlife management services we provide include:

  • Wildlife habitat assessment
  • Wildlife surveys
  • Endangered species surveys

GIS Mapping

Southeastern Forestry uses the most advanced technology available to undergo GIS mapping of our clients’ properties. Having access to GIS maps allows us to more effectively develop long term land management plans for clients by giving us a great “bird’s eye view” of the property. GIS maps show the features of the land such as -

  • Distribution of timber by type and age
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Features of neighboring properties
  • Bio-diversity
  • Land types
  • Topography
  • Access to harvest areas
  • and more